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Here you'll learn all about the two best monsters in the horror movie industry, Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees.I will also be letting you know all the big news and updates on Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason.




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10/20/03 - Well after more than 2 years, Im finally back with at least one more update. First off I would really like to thank everyone who stuck with my site for the these past years, good to see people are still signing the old guestbook. Also, I can now be reached at RockNSkaDude@aol.com or be reached on AIM at xTheRascalKingX.  Now for the update. Yes, the dream came true, Freddy vs. Jason was FINALLY released and wasn't half bad. Also I updated the Freddy vs Jason section with some posters and info. There is now 1 sequel and 1 prequel in the works. The first is Freddy vs. Jason......VS ASH.  Yep, New Line is already in the works for this one, putting freddy and jason against ASH from the evil dead series. Also, there is a nightmare on elm street prequel on the horizon, showing the story of how Freddy came to be. Im against this one because the whole reason people see freddy is cause he IS a monster, and no one cares how he got that way (I hope so). Now here's a REAL treat for those of you in the LA area. There will be a screening of the freddy classic, "Wes Craven's New Nightmare", followed by a Q&A session with the master of horror himself, WES CRAVEN!! This event will be held at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood on October 28th, click the link for more info. http://www.arclightcinemas.com/do/detail?venueCode=Arclight&eventType=show&showCode=00531&dateText=10/28/2003&forward=/Detail1748.jsp&path=cs
Thats all for now folks, Later!
2/24/01 - Hey everyone, I'm back!  I know it's been a while since my last update but I have just been really busy with college. Well, first off, Jason X is set for it's U.S. theatrical release on April 23rd, they already have Jason X trailers and posters at many theatres and you will find lots of stuff at www.Jasonx.com  Also, it looks like Freddy vs. Jason is all but gone. New Line has decided to either completely scrap the project or avoid it for a while BUT there are many rumors about A Nightmare on Elm Street PREQUEL which New Line has Heather Langenkamp and WES CRAVEN in talks to be involved with. More info as it comes in!

9/19/01 - I'm attending a press meet for the Boogeymen DVD release, I'll get many pictures and post them up right away and let you all know of any new info. Also, it looks like Jason X is pretty much set for March 22, 2001. KEEP VOTING!

8/21/01 - I visited Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors on the weekend of the 9th. There were many great guests and panels there and anyone who is a horror fan would have enjoyed it. They had a great Nightmare on Elm Street 4 reunion with Andras Jones (Rick), Tuesday Knight (Kristen), and even Lisa Wilcox (Alice). At the end of the show they had guests including, Tony Todd (Candyman), Clive Barker (Hellraiser), and even the horror legend himself, Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), to promote the new DVD coming out, "Boogeymen". There Robert said that Freddy vs Jason has been given a GREEN LIGHT! He said that New Line has finally excepted a script and has found a director. I heard it from Robert himself, Freddy vs Jason is now in production! Thanks for all the entries for the contests. I have now changed it though. Now all you need to do is VOTE! The only vote engine you need to use is HORROR 100. I have made it so that at the end of every month I will see the people who voted for me for the HORROR 100 and then will pick someone at random. That means, the more you vote, the better chance you have of winning! You don't need to vote with another engine though I would be pleased.

8/01/01 - Fans, mostly bad news up ahead. First off, it looks like Freddy vs Jason won't happen any time soon. New Line wants to put out Jason X first and wait a while until doing anything else with Jason. Also, Jason X is pretty much set for a September 13, 2002 release. But there is a little good news. There is a new DVD coming out titled "Boogeymen". It shows 18 of the best horror scenes ever! Including, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pinhead, and many more.The DVD hits store shelves on October 2nd, Go to www.boogeymen.com for more! I have decided to change the layout, for now, back to it's original form but I need YOUR help. Please e-mail me or sign in the guest book which layout you guys liked better, the green one I have now or the black one and I will change it to that layout and keep it at that at the end of August. AND PLEASE KEEP VOTING!!

5/28/01 - Updated the: "Phrase of the Month". News on Jason X. New Line has confirmed that Jason X will NOT be out this year and that they have moved it to 3Q 2002. Why?? I don't know. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY SITE!

4/15/01 - Just recieved this from Dark Horizons!

Anyway, some new, yet massive, news on the Freddy Vs. Jason script. The script currently being looked at is written by Matt Thompson and Camren Burton. The latest draft was dated February 11th, 2001, and weighed in at a massive 134-pages. I can't go into much detail or my source will be revealed, but I can let out a few details: After the FBI witnesses a child's death at the hands of an invisible Freddy Krueger, the city of Springwood is evacuated to, coincidentally, Crystal Lake, Connecticut. Krueger follows, only to find a specter of the past, Jason Voorhees, under the power of a witch named Jamelyn.A month earlier, Jamelyn's son was murdered by a cult, suspecting him to be evil like Jason. After his death, she went crazy and returned Jason from Hell. However, he is completely under her control, there only to take revenge on the cult. But Jason has other plans and eventually breaks Jamelyn's power.....The script returns Alice and Jacob from A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, and the Freemans (Jessica, Steven, and Stephanie) from Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. The finale takes place in a twisted mazed of roman architecture, in which Freddy and Jason meet on Krueger's turf."

Maybe there is hope after all.

4/15/01 - Sorry everyone but it turns out that the new cast for Freddy vs Jason is completely FALSE. It was just made up by a fan. But don't give up your hopes. There is new info though. According to Fangoria, New Line does not want to release another Jason movie right after Jason X, so instead they might release a new nightmare on elm street movie. Nightmare 8. I'll keep you informed as this develops. My new url address is www.freddy-jason.com. I also started a new contest called "Phrase of the Month".

4/10/01 - I have a new domain name that will forward to this website, it's www.freddy-jason.com. I will probably leave tripod soon. There is still no word from New Line about the new cast in Freddy vs Jason but I will find out.

4/8/01 - Sorry for the lack of delays but just nothing has been happening and I have been busy. But something caught my eye today, according to IMDB, Freddy vs Jason is going to star the people it was supposed to star when it was originally supposed to come out in 1997. This is the cast lineup according to IMDB:

Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger
Kane Hodder .... Jason Voorhees
Lisa Wilcox .... Alice Johnson
Kari Keegan .... Jessica Kimble
Whitby Hertford .... Jacob Johnson
Erin Gray .... Diana Kimble
Heather Langenkamp .... Nancy Thompson's Ghost

Have our dreams finally come true?!? Our is this just more bullshit like before. I will find out the answer soon and keep all of you informed!

137 days to go until Jason x!

2/21/01 - Added a new link for Jason X

2/8/01- New info on Freddy vs Jason. Click on its link to find out more.

12/9/00- Huge new information on Freddy vs Jason. Click on its link to find out more!

11/10/00- Added a few new things

10/10/00- Here is the newest picture from Jason X!

9/25/00- Finally a update. Got new pictures and new information. More is still to come. Sorry for the delay.

8/4/00- Sorry about the delay everyone. I had just about given up hope because nobody would promote my site. But now my link is attached to many people's websites. (THANX- www.freddy.krueger.com) Well the website will open with pictures and videos and audios in about 2 weeks and I will be updating this page every Friday unless big news happens.Thanx everyone and stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!---- XXPLAYERGUYXX -(CARY)

7/7/00- The Official Website Premiere happens in 1 week!!!

6/26/00- The preview for this web site has opened.

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